Emmanuel Taillard

Emmanuel Taillard

Château de la Rongère

53380 La Croixille

et partout sur la bonne terre

November 11, 2016

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A cold day at Wardington, a short walk around the garden

March 17, 2018

 Down the pond, Camelias are braving the frost in this mid march cold winter weather. Wind is blowing from the North East. Sheltered by large old Fraxinus excelsior,  this place became an Ericaceous woodland, with it's blossom's phases in spring time.

Down the pondwalk, the leaves of the Rhoddies are desperatly sad, as their buds are smart and brave point up the sky, they are waiting for their turn to open.

 As all the flowers are suffering from the heavy cold wind, this Magnolia shines in his causy sunny spot, sheltered from the Yew hedges, Viburnum plicatum is just shooting. Both are designing splendid movement, curves and diversion in this straight yew hedges structure. Surrounding trees from the paddick are creating a tall branch theatre. 

 Fairytails yew creatures look after the horses. 

 When during the summer, eyes our distracted by the abundance of flowers,  the winter and the cold light concentrates our attention on the main structures of the garden, the proportions and the volumes, the good ones, the ones that should be improved the following season. We can now pay fully attention to the leaves, the contrasts of the foliage of the Ilex, the Taxus, the Hederas, to the grass, the pleached limes.

 The brave Euphorbias foetidus have been staked yesterday, their abundant flowers are heavy, they need to be showed as an arrangement in this still naked Wisteria chamber. Their amazing foliages bring a feeling of an exotic travel, as a Schefflera inside a room.  

 A Magnolia dancing in the wind, on the top lawn


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